Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter: The Medical Appointment

These are the first two videos I made in the "Few Minutes In the Life Of a Sign Language Interpreter" series. These have the same script, but I remade it when I realized the program offered a hospital scene I'd overlooked. Even though I'd used a police station as a stand-in for a clinic's reception desk, a lot of people like the original better. Probably because of the awkwardness in the second one, with the patient lying right there in front of them. But I kind of like  that.

If you enjoy these videos, you can see the others I've made so far, "The Classroom" and "The Job Interview."


  1. I watched the original when you first put it up, having no idea what you did for a living. And now ... if this is based on your real life experience, and you have not yet committed job-related homicide, you are my new hero.

  2. I have amazing restraint, don't I?