Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cover Reveal: India Edition

Hi everyone!

Excited to share a new cover reveal today--still for CHAINED, but for the Indian edition. I announced a few months ago that Penguin India would be publishing the book in January 2014, and now there's a final cover.

I'd talked a little with the editors about the new cover design, and we wanted the new cover to feature both characters, Hastin and his elephant Nandita, like the original cover does. They mentioned too that they planned to do something with brighter colors for their market. I love the work that illustrator Joy Gosney and the design department at Penguin India did. Here's how the cover turned out:

Isn't it lovely?

And take a look inside--how adorable is that elephant footprint on the page numbers?

Looking forward to seeing the real live book!