Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter

When I'm not at home writing on the computer I'm often out working the day job (and sometimes night job) as a sign language interpreter.

One thing I love about the job is that I go to different places every day. Some interpreters like a consistent schedule and do work primarily in one location, but I like a lot of variety.

These are videos I made about some of the funny questions we interpreters get and the responses we wish we could give. If these scenarios are exaggerated, it's not by much.

Thankfully I haven't met anyone quite this bad (most professors and teachers I've met have been really accomodating), but this is the video people have enjoyed the most, whether they work in the interpreting field or not.

I had four videos on here and things kept getting messy with videos overlapping with text and such, so I've put "The Job Interview" and "The Medical Appointment" videos into separate posts so I wouldn't have to keep fixing it.

Any weird questions people ask you about your day job? Ones that make you fight the little sarcastic voice who wants to answer for you?


  1. Now we can read your doses of hilarity whenever we feel like it!

  2. Yes, assuming I can think of enough to say. Thanks, Doris!