Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing at The Lodge O' Death

Last month I attended a fabulous writing retreat in La Grange, Texas, with a group of Austin friends. Lots of fun yet productive, in a beautiful setting. The cabin, though, is affectionately known as "The Lodge of Death." P.J. Hoover had been before and has posted some great write-ups of the retreat.

Allow me to share some samples of the decor that give the cabin its nickname:

Yes, it's a fawn in it's natural habitat, a flower-filled rowboat.

...it's even better close up. Pretty sure it's smiling.

Every bathroom should have a baby doll in a teepee

...unless it's a bathroom decorated with camouflage paint and antlers.

We even had fancy robes.

Light fixture too plain? Add more antlers.

And that's what's been missing from my flower arrangements too.

I know that expression doesn't look natural, but this is how they look when they're giving a bleat-out to the ladies.

Kind of wanted to pull the glue off the raccoon's leg, but also kind of worried that was the only thing holding him together.

This makes the bedroom more cozy.
Who wouldn't want this staring at you while you try to sleep?

Oh I see, it's a book rack. A really inefficient book rack.

Wait, that's better.

This guy has not seen the inside of the cabin.

And yes, there was even a framed print of a dog smoking a pipe.
But this was my view where I wrote from the screened-in porch.
My own contribution, the taxidermied wasp.
Okay, it's dead wasp on an index card, but I'm pretty proud.

As you see, lots of character in the place. Sure, most of the characters were stuffed and mounted, but I can't wait to go back!


  1. That was the best way to start the day! Thanks for the tour and laughs.

    1. Thank you, Dawn! Glad to provide the laughs.

  2. I wouldn't have lasted there for the night...

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  4. Glad you got the boar in his full glory, and discovered his actual purpose as a book rack. The first retreat, we were all a bit confused and started hanging things from his upside down hooves, thinking he was a towel holder.

    1. Ooh, a towel holder! That'd work too. Or for hanging the fancy robes.

  5. I guess more antlers is the new "more cowbell" .

    1. Yes, that must be it! There were antlers aplenty.

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