Thursday, August 16, 2012

Because a Tiled Car Would Be Ridiculous

Usually when I leave work I'm ready to hurry home to all the fun I'm missing on the Internet get back to writing a new novel, but I saw something the other day that made me turn around and re-park. 

Never mind the hubcaps, just make sure it's well carpeted

Here's a view from the front.

You'd never believe it without the pictures, right? And you'd never get away with writing such a spectacle into a story. Imagine the conversation that would go on if you were getting a critique of a novel about a character who had such a car.

"Wait a minute, so...he got the car carpeted?"

"That's right."

" Why?"

"The carpet store would do it, I guess. Or maybe an auto shop. Maybe there's a guy at the auto shop who's a carpet installer. And he got it done because it looks awesome and it was cheaper than a paint job."

"Is it outdoor carpet?"

"Nope. Just regular carpet, like you'd get in your living room."

"I guess it would save money on car washes."

"Sure, he wouldn't go to the car wash. Well, except to use the vacuum."

"So what does he do when it rains? Cover it with a giant shower cap?"

"I don't know. Stays home, maybe."

"Well that's convenient. And what's with the skulls?"

"It's decorated with a few animal skulls. Other animal bones, too. Like legs, maybe. Oh, and overturned salad bowls."

"Oh, come ON!" 

I know, it's completely unrealistic, yet here we are. Carpeted and beskulled and bebowled.

And in case you couldn't see the hood ornament well enough:

I did go on home after gawking and getting the pictures, although I was tempted to just hang out by the car until the owner returned so I could ask how this all happened. And really, I think we can safely assume the owner isn't a criminal or anything. Wouldn't make the best getaway car, would it? "Sorry, ma'am, we lost the assailant after a brief chase, when he blended in with all the other cars covered with home flooring...".

Come to think of it, my car did look really boring parked next to this one. Thankfully the cobblestones have really livened it up.


  1. OMG!!!! I didn't want this post to end!!!!

  2. I have no words other than wow. Just wow.

    1. I know, I was speechless too. I didn't write the post till about 4 days later.

  3. really? Who does that to their car? Personally, I think I would've HAD to stay and see what sort of person actually drives this... this... rolling artwork? Yeah, I'm sure they think it's artsy. Or at least making a statement... but I'm not sure what the point is they're trying to make.


    thanks for sharing though! it's certainly memorable.

    1. I think the statement is, "I don't think things through."

  4. BESKULLED and BEBOWLED sort of says it all. It probably says too much about me that I'm confused as to why he didn't use astroturf, or at least outdoor carpeting. I can accept that he wanted his car carpeted easily enough, but that he used the wrong type of carpet just leaves me completely BEFUDDLED. And I have no words for the salad bowls. Pick a theme, dude!

    1. Yes, too many ideas, right? I can't imagine the thought process that went into designing this. And yeah, outdoor carpet would still have been weird, but at least not so...mildew-friendly.

  5. There’s a whole culture of Car Art around here, the SF bay area. We have come to think of those creatures as the regular town show-offs…
    But the carpeted car hasn’t made the rounds here. I suppose it can be vacuumed rather than washed… Oy.

    1. Yes, I bet it's quite a chore to vacuum.

      We do have art cars here, but usually when I see one I'm thinking, "Oh, cool!" and not "What the what what were you thinking?"

  6. I am in complete awe of this! A fully-carpeted exterior? That’s amazing! I can’t imagine how this car is cleaned in the winter though. And, I hope the carpet doesn’t trap any heat in the car because that might mess with the engine, which could lead to something dangerous. Still though, this is really amazing!

    Mickey Doshi

  7. Oh my gosh, I am at loss for words! I’ve never seen a carpeted car before! As a matter of fact, I think VERY few people have, hahaha! I do echo Mickey’s sentiments about the car, though, since carpets do trap heat and moisture underneath. This is a really cool car though, and I’m sure it turns heads and makes the cameras go off wherever it parks.

    Ernest Houston

  8. This is honestly one of the most unique cars I have ever seen! Someone must have put a lot of love and effort to turn this car into an eye-catcher. I wonder if it’s meant to represent something from the owner’s life. He or she probably just takes a vacuum cleaner to clean it off. That’s pretty convenient!

    Erwin Calverley

  9. Where was he parked? I spotted this car on the highway TWO YEARS ago and posted a picture of it [1] on my Facebook. I just came across it while going through my pictures, and I thought I'd google "carpeted car" to see if anyone else had seen it. The trunk is the best part!


  10. Haha! Great trunk picture. Haven't seen it since then, but I think I was in the Cy-Fair area that day, maybe at a library.

  11. Ohh, so this was near Houston. I live in Dallas. Looks like our boy was on a road trip when I spotted him!