Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This isn't what I had in mind, Sleep Machine

Now and then when I'm just waking up from a dream, I'm thinking, "This is brilliant. I'll have to get up and write a novel about this." Then by the time I'm awake I've either forgotten the dream or I realize how completely ridiculous and/or a novel based on it would be. (Now if someone writes a bestseller after having the same dream about a society in which everyone drives an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, I'll feel really stupid).

I've been using the Sleep Machine app on my phone at night because I like the sound of rain while I'm sleeping, but just recently I noticed the other features it offers:

...and I can play one of those tracks along with the rainstorm.

So, in case I'm missing out on something really good, I thought I might as well try that "Lucid Dreaming" setting. No telling if it would work or not, but Stephenie Meyer dreamed up the plot for Twilight, so you never know, right? It could happen.

And it seems to have worked. I've been having really vivid dreams that I'm remembering long after I wake up. Here's a sampling of what I've dreamed about so far:

- Buying potholders. I only needed a couple, but sets of twelve were on sale! Like a really good sale! What ever should I do, people?

- I bought a container of olives at the store, but then I couldn't find them. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLIVES?

- Friends warned me that I'd get a terrible sunburn if I rode a donkey into the Grand Canyon while topless. They knew this from experience.

There you go. My next three novel plots. Move over, The Hunger Games.

Anyone else try an app like this to help you focus, be more creative, or remember your insipid dreams? Or, have you ever been lucky enough to have a dream that you turned into a book?

Can't wait to find out what I dream tonight. Maybe I'll find that jar of olives.


  1. Were they black or green olives? Cause that pimento is crucial to the plot.

    1. An assortment from the olive bar at HEB. No pimentos. Still missing.

  2. Hah! This cracked me up. This is what my dreams are like, too. At least you're having fun!

    1. Thanks, Anne! Yes, it's been fun and quite interesting. Last night: got my nails done at a dollar store and saw that they had live puffins. Made a plan to free them.