Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Weren't Even Drinking When We Wrote the Acknowledgments

I found out today that I need to turn in my acknowledgments page. It's kind of fun, remembering all the people who've helped me with the research, writing, and editing of CHAINED, but I'm still worried about turning it in. What if I sound like a dork? Or I'm too wordy? Worse, what if I'm not wordy enough and I forget someone? I've kept a running list of people to thank, but I'm sure I didn't list everyone who answered a question or two.

I mentioned on Twitter that I'd like to just thank everyone I've ever met and call it done. Or I could submit my list of Twitter followers. There are some pretty awesome people.

A few of those awesome people joined in on the fun and offered more acknowledgment page suggestions.

Here are some alternatives to turning in my Twitter list or the "Thank you, everyone I've ever met" document.

Just imagining everyone's confusion would make these worthwhile.

This goes well with, "Any mistakes should be credited to people who told me wrong stuff."

Then we got even sillier, thinking about the thanks we owe to Cheez-Its and cupcakes and other refreshments.

Nothing gets done without the beverages. And chocolate.

Gah! How could I forget the elephants? And elephant keeper story would be really boring without any elephants. Ok, so it's everyone I've ever met, my Twitter list, random people, me, snacks, beverages, and elephants. That should be it.

Oh no. If we're including the air we breathe this could lead to an exhaustive list of Things We Need...

I'm starting to feel like Navin Johnson leaving home:

Ok, anyone else I could be forgetting?

Of course, the Romans. They want credit for everything.

Well, you know what's going to happen now. This'll just start a whole new debate.

So, writers who've been through this before, how did you decide who to include on your acknowledgments page? Were you able to list everyone you wanted to, or did you have to keep it short? Did you leave anyone out and regret it later? Any hints you can share will be appreciated. Really, I'd thank each and every one of you.


  1. Lynne, With my first book I thanked everyone important in my life in case I never wrote another book. Subsequent acknowledgment pages were shorter.

  2. Heh, Steph. About the same here. Tonight I'm writing the acknowledgments for my 20th book and I'm considering just writing, "Thanks to all the same people I've been thanking for my last 19 books. Plus my new editor, who seems cool." But now I'll know to also add in air and the Roman cupcakes. Or was that the Roman elephants?

  3. What Steph and Jenna said. For my first book I thanked my daughter, my mother, my grandmother, my critique partners, my editor and of course my husband. Did I thank my dog? I don't remember, but I wanted to make sure I got everybody, just in case, you know?

    For my second book I was more succinct. ;)

  4. I can't even think about an acknowledgements page but OMG, this was hilarious, Lynne! I love it. (And you know, when I buy your book I'm going to turn to the last page first!)