Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Can Stop Anytime I Want, Really

I've mentioned before that I've always loved elephants, but I wasn't until I was writing CHAINED that I started hoarding collecting them. They sit on the writing desk as inspiration. Certainly I have enough, but it seems like I always find another one that really, really wants me to take it home.

Here's what the mailman brought yesterday, all the way from an Etsy seller in Greece:

Adorable, isn't he? Tara Lazar found him, actually, and thought I might like to adopt him. So let's blame her, shall we?

Doesn't he look great with the rest of the family?

I should introduce the rest of the herd:
- the dark wooden one I found on eBay
- Horton, of course
- In the back is a leather bank from Bookpeople in Austin
- the light-colored figure is from a shop in Hawaii where the little shop owner nearly tackled my mom when she tried to leave without buying anything
- The set in front are metal, from the Chautauqua bookstore when I was there for the Highlights Institute in 2008
- and the round metal thing is an elephant bell, also from eBay.

That's not even the entire collection--there's also a wooden mother and baby, and a wooden elephant bell I ordered when I was writing a scene for CHAINED in which a character carves one. (So that one was really necessary, wasn't it? It's research!)

And I have enablers. Sometimes people who know I love elephants will pick up elephant things for me...

A few examples

...which is awesome.

So, is there anything you collect that has to do with your writing? Tell me I'm not the only one.

If my behavior escalates, I'll be driving around in an elephant car, inspired by this sweet ride, the hippo car:

Cheerio in the Houston Art Car Parade
And at last night's SCBWI meeting. It pees and wags its tail!

I should probably find a sponsor to talk me down from this.


  1. Awesome! Filemon looks great with the rest of your collection. I don't have a collection that has to do with my writing, but I'd sure like to have one! I do buy items that have to do with certain projects, like a Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf ring from LicketyCut on Etsy.

  2. I'm a bit crazed with pens and office supplies. I enjoy finding a good typewriter. Any kind will do.

  3. Tara, that sounds really cool!

    Stacy, I'm dangerous in an office supply store too. Like I really need more Post-it Notes or blank journals?
    I bet you'd like the paper clips that look like old typewriter keys-- have you seen those?

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your elephants!

    I have a penchant for ladybugs and unicorns. I just LOVE collecting knick-knacks, and those are my faves.

  5. And my mom bought me an elephant kitchen towel yesterday. It looks fabulous in the kitchen. They might take over the house.