Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter: In Class With Snooki

I may be at risk for looking like I have an "All Snooki, all the time" blog because of this post and now this video, but really, almost all the posts will be Snooki-free.

When I noticed that the Xtranormal site, where I make the interpreting videos, had new Jersey Shore characters, I couldn't help myself. So here's sort of a Snooki book/day job mashup: what would happen if I got to work and heard the dreaded words, "Guest speaker Snooki"?


  1. Lynne, you are as smooth as a butter greased subway rail!

  2. OK, I think I can tolerate Snooki if 100% of my knowledge and exposure to her is filtered through you.

  3. Varsha, that may be the best compliment ever!

    And Sarah, I think I can now say, "My work here is done."